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this is cheesy we know, but cheese sounds really good right now especially on a flour tortilla. [20 Jun 2005|01:13pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

 What a year, we have gone through so much. We have learned from our mistakes in many ways. The boys in our life have either screwed us over or the other way around. Vanessa has grown into and ugly ass hoe and Alana a gorgeous flip. We have eaten so much food this year and I’m surprised it hasn’t caught up to us. We have grown MASSIVE COLD SORES (herpes) on our beloved soft lips, due to the contaminated boys in the valley. Vanessa has learned that she does NOT need to have fun with one guy cuz she’s a skank. Alana’s heart has ripped out, thrown in the paper shredder, flatted by an 18 wheeler and then served up in a homeless shelter. She’s forgetting the stupid shiiiit and the mistrusted. She’s managed to forgive him (unfortunately- Vanessa says this) and is trying to get things back to normal. Alana has to fart. Oh ya and did I mention Vanessa’s a SKANK.


“Love ‘em and leave ‘em fast”


“There is no one else that I can say this to, and there is nothing better, when I talk to you, if you have a problem, I’ll be here for you, cuz girl you always know that its us against the WORLD.”




FOREVER=BFF=bestfriendsforever=going on cruises when we're 40 and getting fat and turning obese= going on vacations=having beautiful homes=not getting married=more money for us=more food for us=living happy=LOVE.

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[22 Dec 2004|03:29pm]
[ mood | guilty ]

Well i know i haven't been the greatest friend lately but the truth is i miss u and i do love u to DEATH. i'm sry for watever i've done and hope we can still be friends. i went on joy's old lj and found some quotes that reminded me of u.

If I could reach up and take a star for every time you have made me smile, I would have the entire night sky in the palm of my hand

Friends are people who you trust
friends are people who trust you
friends are who everyone should have or at least everyone should have that one special friend and I know that my one special friend is you.

True friends stay together through thick and thin, through all the rumors and the grins, through all the pain and all the tears; true friends are there throughout the years.

Watchin scary movies, stayin up late, getin in fights, goin on double dates, slumber parties, pillow fights, watchin movies, stayin up all night, midnight phone calls, playin a game, gettin in trouble, going through pain, being the worst, being the best, being best friends, giving support when you are down, helping you out when you want to drown, that's why I love you, that's why I care, becuase I know you'll always be there.

A good friend will pick you back up when you fall but your best friend will laugh and trip you again ;-)

Hilarious Days and Crazy Nights
Talking about our Boys and pillow fights
Through thick and thin and always true
Where would I be w/o you??

Cross your heart & hope to die, Clothes, make-up, boys, and lies, Forever there until the end, The definition of...True Best Friends

I LOVE U as my BEST friend and hope we can remain friends
i love u! u r my mugatu. and without mugatu there is no magnum.

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[26 Nov 2004|10:32pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

well hello everybody! its vanessa this time. and just wanted to know how everyone is doing! and how was ur turkey day? well mine was good but awkward and all i could think about is what to do with junior cuz i'm starting to get over swag....wow did i just say that? never thought that i would ever say that. oh well that's how i feel. well tell me how ur doing?
<333 Magnum
P.S. alana lubs MOISES! haha

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give me your lips for just a moment [16 Nov 2004|08:15pm]
[ mood | thirsty ]

Auto response from SpongeBuddy1: "I really want a girlfriend" gee is that the sweetest thing u can say to me? ya right! screw u! i'm not a back up plan
so true so true*

kay so my day was pretty okay.
after school me and jhesse walked to my house and decided to make some food. and it turned into a great night. So He was the one who mostly cooked everything. hahaha i baked cookies, that must count now c'mon. I also washed dishes. GO ME! so after that we also made koolaid...our whole meal consisted the "jhesse and alana pasta" which was like chow mein and teriyaki chicken (yum) abd vegetable AND shrimp. another plate was pizza. mann we rocked. we had our little laguna beach moment, it was awesome.
i set the table really pretty aww im gona cry
i lit candles
and just in time, vanessa and aleks arrived quite tired from running to my house! i was laughing my butt off! so i put on ray charles and we all sat down in the dark with the candles lit. i was gona cry. meand jhesse totally rocked the kitchen! hahahahaha dessert was cookies yummmmm!!!!
mann i love you three.
good times for sure.
good day.

this is mugatu signing off

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[17 Oct 2004|01:32pm]
[ mood | sick ]

i'm hungry
i'm sick
i'm tired
i'm blah.

but it's raining :)


at a daiye spa

you ate your dad's salad! [15 Oct 2004|04:47pm]
[ mood | losers ]

Soooo this is alana writing, my day was blah. blah. blah. In the morning i saw my husband and also my future pool guy. hahaha. I saw who i wanted to see so i guess im satisfied. I GUESS. Omg in my first period,my teacher sang karaoke....in espanol how sad how sad. ummm well i got to see my number 9 during 6th period so that was just dandy. coughhh MOISTURE? haha SO we won the golf match yesterday so i guess im happy. blah. hahaha. anyways im so full. i ate a lot and that sucks butt. lunch was boring... until next time blah blah im vanessa hahaha this is mugatu totally signing off.

Soooo now its my turn and just in case u didn't know this is Vanessa typing so here we go! hmmm.. i saw my beautiful husband and blue steel *drool* then went to spanish...so boring. then went to hr and i have to do this stupid skit 4 play production at the pep rally and i mean do they not want me to have friends?? well w/e then lunch blah blah blah then in 6th i went into my math class and saw my future gardener Gary *drool* god he's HOTT the finest mexican in the WORLD!!!then saw my husband again after school ad then went to Alana's house pigged out cuz i had some pizza and chicken kickers yummy!! and then got bored and alana made this lj. so until next time this is magnum signing off

Add us & we will be sure to add you.

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